Mon espace virtuel. Mansoura

Mon espace virtuel. Mansoura

New to Data Processing

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I am completely new to SAXS data processing. 
I determined the best course of action was to proceed from GNOM to Dammin and finally Supcomb. The problems I am facing are a lack of knowledge of how to properly execute these programs, I can allow for the default settings but this is not working for me. 
In a perfect world there might be a manual that guides one through each step (decision process) during data reduction. I have looked in to the manual for GNOM and wonder if there is something a little easier/simplified I might find. 
All my attempts end with a Total estimate of approx 0.14 - 0.19 which are all bad and then the Monte-Carlo simulations seem to just hang up and the program is either locked up or in some type of loop. 
If anyone has the time to take a little pity on a newbie SAXS guy I would appreciate the assistance. 

Any help will be apprecited.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. 

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Thank you.

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