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Heart training "dead zone"

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OK, maybe "dead zone" is not the best sentence, perhaps "ineffective zone" would be better.
I bought a Wahoo TickrX the other day. Today I tried to calibrate my heart training zones in the app.
My resting HR is about 60-65. After doing the Wahoo calibration, the app told me that my "Fat Burn" zone is 146-161 and my "Burst Zone" (where I supposedly burns carbohydrate as fuel source increases body's ability to buffer out lactic acid etc.) is> 169. Max HR I have hit in first few sessions with the monitor is probably ~ 180.
I was doing an easy 8k today (week 15 BPP) and settled down with a HR of 164 for a while. According to this app I am neither in the Burn Zone, nor the Burst Zone. So am I in an ineffective area? (I realize I must still be getting some exercise at HR164)
So I would like to stay in the Burn Zone - it felt very easy. Am i really getting much benefit from rowing in that area when it feels pretty easy?
I guess maybe I'm asking for some guidance on HR zone training ... Should I just be aiming for the Burn zone all the time?

Any help will be apprecited.

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